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Video Conversion

Our professional equipment has allowed us to deliver the highest quality video conversion for over 15 years.

Let our video digitizing service bring your home movies into the digital age!

Video Conversion

Our video digitizing services are for the family videographer. We know how much those memories mean to you and we strive to offer superior video to your loved ones.

Once we start digitizing, we’ll divide each tape into bite-sized scenes for you. Then we’ll name and date each scene appropriately so you’ll be able to browse and search for them later. Finally, we’ll give you the completed digital files on a hard drive or custom website.
Don't have a VHS player?  You aren't alone! You don’t need to pre-screen your videos before you hand them off to us. Just give us the tapes, and we’ll view them for you to make sure we are only capturing the valuable memories and skipping over the TV!

What kind of video can Memory Forward convert?

  • VHS

  • Super 8 film

  • VHS-C

  • Video8

  • Hi8

  • Digital8

  • MiniDV

  • DVD

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What makes our video conversion different?

  • Professional broadcast quality equipment (not consumer grade)

  • Tapes clipped into smaller segments by event for easy sharing (Births, graduations, football)

  • Well-named and dated clips that can be found with ease (1990-02-20 Lee 21st Birthday)

  • Superior color integrity

  • De-interlacing

  • Tapes converted to MP4 or MOV for highest compatibility with any computer 

  • We convert old or defunct file formats 

  • We skip over recorded TV

Your Finished Digitized Tapes & Video

You'll be able to find any event you captured on film just by looking at the names of your files. No scrubbing through two hours of video to find your child's first steps.

 Having your videos on hand means you are always prepared for graduations, birthday slideshows, weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, or memorials.

How are my videos delivered?

A list of organized videos in chronilogical order after the tapes have been digitized

What else can Memory Forward do for you?

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Video Conversion

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Digital Organization

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Photo Products


Digital Archiving

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