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Philanthropy Southwest:

A project to archive 75 years of organizational history for use in a documentary film, a showcase timeline, and in future research

PSW had 75 years of history dispersed between a research library in one city, a full storage unit in another, and a cloud digital repository. Materials needed to be organized and digitized for a major milestone conference, showcase timeline, and a documentary film.

We delivered over 30,000 items in a digital archive.

The Storage Unit: 

PSW's storage unit was bursting with 75 years of priceless organizational history.

Memory Forward inventoried the entire unit, collected materials, and brought them to our Austin office to organize and digitize their collection.

Organizing and Managing the Collection:

Over 30,000 photos, documents, videos, and audio tapes were digitized and organized into a searchable archive. To make the materials ready for use in projects now and in the future, every photo was facially recognized and tagged with names of PSW presidents, celebrity speakers, and the many people that have made PSW the force it is in the world of Philanthropy.

Conference Showcase Timeline:

PSW's goal was to showcase its history with a wall-sized timeline. Memory Forward wrote text, curated accompanying photos, and designed it all into this 10x16 foot timeline which invited conference attendees to step back into important moments of PSW's 75 year history.

Documentary Assets:

The organized collection of photos and documents were shared with Chimpanzee Productions​. They created a documentary film showcasing PSW's history and vision for the future.

You can view the entire film below.

An Archive Accessible in Perpetuity:

Philanthropy Southwest's organized physical archive is housed at the Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. The digital archive will be hosted by in the coming months. The Permanent Legacy Foundation works to provide a permanent place to store digital materials for families and organizations to preserve their legacy for future generations. The Foundation develops and maintains, where PSW's historical materials will be accessible for public use online.

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