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15 years of organization

We are not just another box-up and mail-away scanning service. We are local, personalized, and we truly care about the legacy of your photos.


My passion for cataloging and preserving family memories began at a very early age, when I would help my mother maintain the family photo albums in perfect chronological order. She taught me to add dates, events, and names on the back of every single photo. I loved flipping through those albums and seeing my life unfold in such an organized and meticulous manner. I didn’t realize until much later in life that this degree of detail was a rarity in most families! After receiving a Computer Science degree and enjoying a long career as a database analyst and software developer, I merged my skills in technology and data management with my passion for preserving photos and natural ability to organize to launch Memory Forward.

Over 15 years later, I can't think of anything more fulfilling than helping our clients create a lasting digital family archive of photos and memories, which can then be accessed by friends and family, regardless of where the physical collection resides.

As a leader and veteran of this exploding industry who is dedicated to getting the details right and providing superior service and results, I am confident my team and I can help you tell your family’s story through photos and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations.

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Laura Woolsey
Founder & CEO

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Hi! I’m Tom, and I really enjoy being helpful and making things run smoothly. I’ve come to Memory Forward from a special collections (rare books) library background.

I have worked extensively with digitization of precious materials, and organizing of both physical and digital assets. Much of my work at the library made high quality images of singular objects available for patron use, while also preserving an accurate representation of those items for posterity.

I must say, sounds quite pertinent to my current work, doesn’t it? I’m here to help in myriad ways as we take your photos and documents from an “insurmountable task” to “shareable archive”.


Please reach out if you have any questions about Memory Forward’s professional photo organizing process or services!

Tom Hensle
Client Operations Manager
Senior Photo Operations Specialist

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As the Senior Photo Operations Specialist here at Memory Forward I have the great pleasure of caring for and preserving your family memories.


Working with historical slides, damaged antique photos, and rare photo formats is a favorite part of my work here. As a classically trained painter with a special interest in portraiture, I’ve been trained to identify even the smallest facial detail. A mole or even the shape of a child’s earlobes can help me identify a person through time. My art education paired with over three decades of practice in Adobe Photoshop means I can repair and restore photos that have survived flood, fire, and the ravages of time.


I love ushering forgotten moments back to the modern era and it’s an honor to preserve your memories.

Cassandra Robertson
Photo Operations Specialist
Amberly White

Hi! I’m Amberly, the newest member of the Memory Forward team. I became obsessed with taking pictures at a very young age and graduated with a degree in Photography from Texas State University in 2021. While I was in school, I worked as a digital technician for the University Library Archives. There, I learned a great deal about scanning and working with negatives from the 1950s and 1960s and this grew my already-established passion for old photographs. 


I love getting to organize family memories everyday. As a kid, I used to alphabetize my Halloween candy and could only eat them in that particular order, so I have been naturally inclined to organize things my entire life. I believe photographs are a great way to save and relive moments and I can’t wait to bring order to your collections of photos!

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