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Send us 100 of your most precious slides, negatives, or prints and we will create your Archive for you! Starter Package

  • Priced at $150, this package is designed in partnership with with our shared mission in mind–to help you prioritize and preserve your most cherished memories for generations to come. 

    • Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive a welcome email from Memory Forward with further information.
    • You'll ship up to 100 print photos, slides, and/or negatives to Memory Forward.
    • You’ll speak with our client manager Tom to go over the details of your project once we've received your photos.
    • We'll digitize your collection to create ultra high resolution JPG files for you.
    • We'll organize your new digital files and date them in chronological order.
    • We'll upload your files to a archive and transfer ownership to you.
    • We'll safely return your physical materials to you or dispose of them if you no longer need them.
    • Promotion includes one-way return shipping for your photos; you are responsible for the cost of sending them to Memory Forward and choice of carrier.
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